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   Welcome to My Garden...

The film you are about to see is going to give you the education you need to be able to grow your own "amazing" vegetables. If you're not already a gardener you only need the decision to do what you are about to see being done. If you are already a gardener, I think you will enjoy seeing what I do in my little garden... and I'd love to see what you can do in yours!

Lee O'Hara


Organic Gardening Made Easy and the Organic Tomato

The Award Winning organic gardening DVD's by the master of Organic Gardening,
Lee O'Hara.


Organic Gardening Made Easy also available in Spanish
 Buy now -
$27.95 $19.95 + free shipping
 Buy now -
$12.95 $9.95 + free shipping


Fresh organic vegetables from your back yard are just a few steps away. With a little time and a little desire, you can produce your vegetables the organic way. Follow along with Lee and learn how to quickly, easily and economically create a sustainable garden in your yard, regardless of the amount of space you have to work with.
1. Soil Preparation 2. Water Drip Lines Made Easy 3. Quick Start Seeds 4. A Word about Fertilizers
5. Easy to Make Organic Fertilizers 6. Planting Your Crop
7. Feeding the Soil 8.Harvesting


Organic Gardening Made Easy
Lee O'Hara

(DVD Directed by Kathy Smith of Smith-Corum Productions)


"I've had the pleasure and indeed the privilege of not only seeing Lee's incredible garden plots up close, but eating the truly delicious and real vegetables that came from them. It was amazing to see the abundance he'd produced in such a small space and without toxic chemicals. When he said he'd made a DVD explaining how to create the gardens and grow the vegetables, I was eager to see him in action. I wasn't disappointed. His simple, straightforward presentation makes it easy for anyone to "grow their own" He even got me doing it. If you're interested in growing and eating healthy, great tasting veg, take a look and be inspired..."
Morgan Deare

"I had bought large expensive books and watched tv programs on organic gardening-all too daunting and a waste of time and money. Then I went to Lee's garden. I was SO impressed, not only with the delicious taste of his "real" vegetables (just like we had as children from Father's garden), but also by the huge quantities grown in such small spaces. I was so inspired, I gained the confidence to go home and plant some vegetables myself.  Lee shows exactly how he does it on the DVD and made it all clear and easy-simplicity itself."
Mary Healey

"I want to personally endorse this. Lee O'Hara is the Tiger Woods of organic home gardening!  He is consulting with me on my garden, and we have totally turned it around!  Go, Lee!"
B. Brennan

Lord Duncan McNair, a retired member of the British House of Commons, said; "I was first involved in organic gardening as a child in the 60's when my father ran a pioneering organic home garden, supplying local shops and hotels with organic fruit and vegetables.  This DVD produced by Lee O'Hara is a very important health initiative, both from the food aspect and the healthy work needed to produce it."
Lord Duncan McNair

"My high school students enjoyed your DVD. Many found it inspiring and all appreciated the detail about the various organic methods you presented. Your presentation was informative and clear and provided us with lots of ideas for future experimentation. I will continue to use it in my high school garden ecology curriculum."
 Joe Stewart

"This is the #1 DVD on Gardening. I am not waiting for spring. I am going to plants some fall veggies. I have wondered how to make natural pesticides. Lee makes this so easy. There is stuff in the DVD I have never found in books."
Rick Facteau

"I loved it.  I found it simple and easy to understand; it is not too costly for someone to get into and it provides a step by step method of planning, building, growing and enjoying the fruits of organics. Well done on content.  I looked at closely at the production, quality, contiuity, sound quality and overall experience. Again, it was very well done. You are very good at your craft. There were a couple of lighting issues I noticed, but you did a great job..considering you had to film it over several months..from seed to harvest. Lee is good..very expert!!! "
Mike Kane

"Just watched the Organic Gardening dvd this morning. I loved your dvd. Very professionally produced.. I like Lee's voice and simple steps on "how to" for all. Well done. I also like how you were able to make organic gardening so simple for beginners...like kids."
Dave de la Plante

"Jeff and I did everything Lee said to do in Organic Gardening Made Easy, including the drip system and the raised bed. We were surprised how easy it was to just watch the video and put in a garden today and have organic vegetables growing so fast. Lee gave such smooth and simple tricks. Just to let you know we have been growing a garden, but these new techniques handled all the slugs, snails and critters without harming the environment. I wll send pictures. This DVD works!!!"
Nancy Olson

"My group has been slow on starting a garden but this is so easy to follow...no problem! Thanks for helping me go organic."
Tye Purcell  

"Great job on this DVD. Come spring in PA I have my tools ready to start dinner in the back yard. I am building a raised bed and getting the soil prepared the way Lee directs it."
 Wade Nelson

"My wife is putting a garden in the back yard. She watched Lee's DVD and said this was the best...easier than reading a book. I am not a gardener--I love the food much better. While she was watching I was pulled in to how easy this is. Such family fun."
 Harvey Schmeidke

"I wanted to let you know your organic gardening video brought back memories. My Grandpa had a vegetable garden---talk about fresh vegetables! Today, when I do force myself to eat some vegetables, I wonder how much poison and pesticide I'm eating...and if these vegetables actually have any nutrional value. The simple solution is going back to Nature and the natural Gardening method. I can see Grandpa smiling now!"
 Ken Ferrara

"Loved Lee's Gardening DVD. This is perfect for people that want to learn about the environment and organics.
Jean Dale 

"Thanks again for your help. My garden is doing 10 times better than last year thanks in part   to your help."
Brandon Molle

"Dear Lee, I have just finished watching your DVDs... they are so worth the $30... I will use them for reference all growing season long. I had no idea of what to feed the soil and I hated the thought of pouring "miracle grow" on anything."
Virginia O'Neill

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